Vampires get their teeth into CaixaForum Madrid

Madrid, 13 February 2020

  • The exhibition Vampires: The Evolution of the Myth takes visitors on a comprehensive journey through the history of these creatures, made legendary by the cinema and now more alive than ever in popular culture.
  • The exhibition, jointly organised by La Cinémathèque française and ”la Caixa”, takes an interdisciplinary approach, focusing particularly on vampires in film, but also exploring how these beings are represented in literature, comics, television and the visual arts, among other media.
  • The show includes more than 360 works from some thirty museums and private collections, including photographs, drawings, film costumes, manuscripts, books, comics, posters, paintings, engravings, documents and a range of different objects. Visitors can also view 15 film montages featuring excerpts from more than 60 films and TV series.

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Camera and City. CaixaForum Barcelona

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<i>Olga Picasso.</i> CaixaForum Madrid

Olga Picasso. CaixaForum Madrid

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